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The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Dining in Florence and Tuscany

a plate of vegetarian risotto at restaurant Babae in Florence, Italy

Florence stands out as one of Italy's top culinary destinations with no shortage of mouthwatering pasta, risotto, and quintessentially Tuscan specialties on offer. Yet vegetarians and vegans need not limit their dining adventures when traveling here. On the contrary, Florence and its surrounding regions in Tuscany hide an abundance of meatless restaurants, markets, and cooking schools catering specifically to plant-based diets.

With a little guidance, herbivorous travelers can indulge in all of the sights and flavors this destination has to offer. From cozy trattorias in the city to agriturismo farm estates in the countryside, discover the breadth of nourishing meatless meals found throughout Florence and beyond in this comprehensive culinary guide.

Looking at a sunset on the hill lookin down at Florence,

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Florence

As the region's lively urban heart, this guide to vegetarian dining in Florence caters to herbivore diners with a varied collection of dedicated vegetarian and vegan eateries alongside traditional trattorias and osterias crafting animal product-free pastas, soups, risottos and more. Here are our favorites spots to savor the meatless side of Tuscan cuisine within the city.

Il Vegetariano

Looking at the Facade of Il Vegetariano in Florence

Named quite fittingly, Il Vegetariano ranks among the city's best pure vegetarian and vegan dining establishments. Owners Francesco and Santina prepare regional recipes passed down through generations, now completely transformed to exclude any meat or animal derivatives. Think you'll crave a steak after a few days here? We seriously doubt it after diving into their dutifully crafted and creative plant-based cuisine. With ample gluten and lactose-free options, Dinning here leaves all diets wholly satisfied.

Standout Dishes:

- Platters of lightly fried zucchini blossoms encase exceptional herbed ricotta for the perfect balance of delicate floral flavor and rich, smooth cheese.

- Satisfyingly dense vegetable and chickpea polpette "meatballs" come bathed in a rubble of olive oil-drizzled bread salad providing textures galore.

- Mouthwatering vegetable lasagna loaded generously with roasted eggplant, zucchini, spinach, and mushrooms is capped with bubbling cheese to provide the ultimate vegetarian Italian comfort food.


Inside the dinning room of Konnubio restaurant in Florence, Italy

Traditional Tuscan ingredients form the foundation of experimental flavor journeys at this petite restaurant run by husband-and-wife team Stefania and Francesco. Specializing in vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free interpretations of seasonal recipes, the menu doubles as an ode to local producers as well. Konnubio exclusively sources ingredients from organic farmers and artisans to craft each dish. From heritage grains to rare heirloom produce, the fruits of Tuscany shine through brilliantly with every bite.

Standout Dishes:

- Deconstructed chestnut millefeuille offers buttery smooth layers of whipped cream and ricotta studded with whole roasted chestnuts and draped in acacia honey for a sweet-savory flavor revelation with crispy, flaky textures.

- Spinach tagliolini noodles saturated in a tantalizing tomato sauce punctuated by parmesan and pecorino achieve the perfect harmony of herby bitter and salty flavors.

- Mixed seasonal mushroom stuffed ravioli practically melt on the tongue thanks to an overt herbed brown sage butter sauce and hidden molten Taleggio cheese interior.

- Texturally intriguing ancient grain bowls brim with toothsome farro, hearty chickpeas, cauliflower rice, sweet burst pomegranate arils, meaty grapes and pops of pistachios. Customize by choosing from equally tasty meat or plant-based versions.

At Konnubio, exquisite ingredients transform into even more stunning final plates drenched in regional flavors. We consider that an admirable feat...and entirely delicious one!

The outside of restaurant Ristorante Biagio Pignatta

Discreetly located on a calm side street in the Oltrarno neighborhood, this cozy trattoria slings stunning renditions of Tuscan specialties through a thoughtful vegetarian lens. Traditional regional components like pecorino cheese, olive oil, handmade pici pasta and fava beans find welcome homes is Biagio Pignatta's simultaneously nostalgic yet innovative recipes masterminded by Chef Renato. Expect elevated comfort food classics like cacio e pepe and puttanesca turned completely meat-free thanks to Renato's deft hand guiding dairy, vegetables, legumes and grains to flawless execution.

Standout Dishes:

- Smooth and velvety pappa al pomodoro provides the ultimate soul-warming Tuscan bread soup made from summer sweet tomatoes and garlic-rubbed croutons topped with a drizzle of basil infused olive oil.

- Handmade quadratini pasta envelopes transport molten Taleggio cheese custard, minced Anjou pears, and subtle pops of oregano to the palate in perfect savory-sweet-herby bites.

- Dense tangles of arborio rice threaded with sweet peas, roasted zucchini and woodsy porcini mushrooms celebrate the seasonality and simplicity of regional ingredients at their finest.

- A towering, picture-perfect version of eggplant parmigiana arrives blanketed in bubbling mozzarella with tangy San Marzano tomatoes pulling it all together into an absolute vegetarian showstopper.

At Biagio Pignatta, the cozy environment filled with locals makes this trattoria feel like an undiscovered secret gem. But with food this flavorful and visionary word travels fast in Florence. Visit soon to snag a table and savor for yourself.

Ditta Artigianale

The outside of Ditta Artigianale Neri in Florence, Italy

While not an actual restaurant, we'd be remiss to exclude this phenomenal coffee bar and casual cafe churning out glorious espresso drinks, homemade pastries and quick but exceptional vegetarian bites. The brainchild of expert barista Francesco Sanapo, Ditta Artigianale slings some of the entire city's best hand-pulled espresso shots from custom blends Sanapo himself sources directly from independent farms in Guatemala and Columbia.

On the food side, expect beauties like:

- Rich and creamy organic whole milk yogurt adorned with housemade toasted nut and seed granola and berry compote.

- Farm fresh eggs fried and tucked into ciabatta rolls with melty Italian fontina cheese, sautéed spinach and smoky roasted bell peppers.

- Protein-packed salads with quinoa, avocado, shaved vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and light, herbaceous dressings.

- Every frothy cappuccino and latte crowned with stunning rosetta or tulip designs etched expertly into the foam.

Oh, and we can't forget about Ditta's painstakingly perfect pastries ranging from buttery crostatas to cloud-like cornetti and bomboloni doughnuts glazed to sugary heaven. Consider yourself warned...and seriously tempted.

The dinning room of Osteria Santo Spirito Florence

Osteria Santo Spirito

Nestled on the lively Piazza Santo Spirito right along the Arno River, this local favorite osteria plates up inventive Tuscan fare in charming digs. Though not exclusively vegetarian, the menu dedicates an entire section to thoughtful vegan and veggie plates utilizing the region's seasonal bounty. Expect masterful executions of handmade pastas, vegetable forward risottos and salads, and reimagined regional traditionals. We adore their dedication to plant-based dining in this quintessentially Tuscan setting.

Standout Dishes:

- Sweet pea and saffron risotto garners consistent praise for brilliant execution of texture and bold flavor balance. The risottos change frequently based on market availability so peek the daily specials.

- Spinach and ricotta gnocchi bathe happily in a pool of sage brown butter sauce speckled with toasted pine nuts.

- Chickpea panzanella loaded with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, gaeta olives and thick chunks of crusty bread makes for a quintessential meat-free Tuscan salad.

- Spaghetti alla norcina swaps the traditional pork sausage for wonderfully meaty cremini mushrooms to splendid effect.

The entrance to Il Contadino in Florence

Discreetly tucked right around the corner from the Duomo awaits this tiny trattoria overflowing with big Tuscan flavor starring seasonal vegetables and vegetarian ingenuity. Just 14 coveted seats fill the simple, yet somehow still stylish black and white checkered dining room allowing owner and head Chef Carlo Bassi personal interaction with every diner. His small kitchen staff work magic transforming hyper seasonal ingredients from regional farmers into elevated versions of traditional meat-free pasta, soups and sides. Don't miss their quintessentially Italian custom of presenting the day's chalkboard specials based entirely on what looked best that morning at the market. This could just prove the most memorable meal of your visit. Reservations an absolute must.

Standout Dishes:

- Regally long ribbons of spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli couple an indulgent interior with a purportedly life-altering brown sage butter sauce flecked with toasted almonds.

- Tagliatelle pasta coats the palate in a luscious vegetarian "bolognese" made from a flavor packed combo of lentils, diced carrots, celery, cremini mushrooms, and San Marzano tomatoes.

- Panzanella salad overflows with multi-hued seasonal vegetables, crunchy ciabatta croutons, olives, capers and herbs galore united by a bright lemon and olive oil dressing.

- A petite yet potent chocolate hazelnut tart served with a swoosh of friction-red pepper infused honey surprises with balanced sweet, nutty and gentle spicy notes.

Trattoria da Rocco

Trattoria da Rocco in Florence at the market

Well off the beaten tourist path in the Novoli neighborhood, this unassuming trattoria plates up astonishing vegetarian versions of Tuscan classics at budget friendly prices. Head Chef Rocco himself journeys to the Sant'Ambrogio morning market daily to hand select top quality produce from Tuscan farms to transform into nightly chalkboard specials. While locals fill most of the checkered tablecloth-lined tables, visitors lucky enough to discover Trattoria da Rocco will find themselves treated like fast friends while savoring slow food preparations bursting with flavor.

Standout Dishes:

- Seasonal vegetable soups defined by bold balance and velvety texture thanks to generous drizzles of peppery regional olive oil served tableside.

- Spinach and ricotta mezzelune pasta parcels in a slow simmered tomato basil sauce brightened by fresh grated parmesan.

- Wood oven baked cauliflower steaks aided by nothing but salt, pepper and olive oil emerge with caramelized edges encasing a perfectly cooked tender interior over garlicky roasted potatoes.

- texturally intriguing chocolate salami ends each meal on a high sweet note by rolling nutty crushed cookies and cocoa into sliceable sausage form.

The facade of restaurant Babae in Florence and people getting wine through the wine window out front.


Discreetly set along Borgo San Frediano just steps from the Ponte Vecchio, an inconspicuous door opens to reveal a Korean-Tuscan flavor fantasy world for adventurous vegetarian diners. Babae (Korean for “meal”) fuses Korean ingredients, aromatics and cooking techniques seamlessly into classic Italian starters, pastas and main plates. The cross-cultural result astounds with intense umami flavors, tantalizing spices, and colors that vibrate energy with each artful bite. Prepare your palate for an Asian-inspired taste tour without ever having to leave Tuscany.

Standout Dishes:

- Golden fried vegetable mandu dumplings overflow with a mixture of silken tofu, julienned vegetables and fermented Korean red chili paste transporting tastebuds to Seoul in an instant.

- Ubiquitous bibimbap bowls usually served in hot stone pots arrive bubbling here as well, loaded with a rainbow of blistered local market veggies and gochujang spiced bean sprouts speckled over nutty brown rice.

- Chewy sweet potato glass noodles mingle with red pepper, spinach, carrots and sesame seeds for a vibrant vegan japchae.

- Three flavor soft serve ice cream in black sesame, toasted coconut and tangy Korean chili sorbet makes for the ultimate cross-cultural dessert.

At Babae, plant-based innovation merges seamlessly with Tuscan tradition for one surprise after another. Go discover it for yourself.

Top Vegetarian Dining In Local Tuscan Towns & Countryside

While Florence charms with an abundance of dedicated meatless eateries, extending your travels deeper into the surrounding Tuscan countryside reveals even more regional Italian specialties starring freshly plucked produce and artisanal ingredients from local farms. Many smaller towns and rural areas cater to vegetarian and vegan diners just as thoughtfully. Here are some of our favorite countryside restaurants to savor the beauty of supreme local ingredients while reveling in slower paced country living, if only briefly.

The sign outside of Osteria Acquacheta

Montepulciano - Osteria dell'Acquacheta

Widely considered one of the best restaurants in this wildly popular wine town, Osteria dell'Acquacheta plates up huge portions of classic Siense fare in rustic-chic digs. Although better known for drool-worthy Florentine steaks and meaty pastas, vegetarians need not abstain from enjoying the lively atmosphere and regional wine list here. Several dedicated meatless pasta courses and sides cater specially to herbivorous visitors.

Standout Dishes:

- Spinach and ricotta gnudi dumplings float in a sage scented butter sauce that diners swear tastes like Tuscan nonna's cooking.

- Thick pappardelle noodles woven with wild boar ragù seamlessly swaps in a mixture of cremini and porcini mushrooms to mimic the meaty flavors.

- Panzanella arrives anchored by crusty bread cubes surrounding fresh tomato, cucumbers, basil and crunchy red onion tossed lightly in lemon and olive oil.

- For dessert, try the quintessentially Italian zuppa inglese whose flavors mimic trifle with layers of chocolate cake, vanilla custard and whipped cream.

Volterra - Dorandò Restaurant

Nuzzled into the ground floor of Guarnacci Etruscan Museum resides this darling restaurant focusing on upgraded vegetarian preparations of Tuscan cuisine. Daily menus derive inspiration from whichever fresh ingredients the chef sourced that morning from nearby farms and orchards. Expect artful presentations, seamless flavor marriages and wines specifically selected to complement each dish. Balance and restraint allow the produce to shine through brilliantly with every forkful in this not-to-miss Volterra gem.

Standout Dishes:

- Beetroot stuffed gnocchi pairs the familiar potato pillows with a dramatic fuchsia beet-flecked interior, finished under a velvety Gorgonzola cream with candied walnuts for crunch.

- Ancient grain bowls brim with farro, barley, chickpeas, roasted veggies, nuts, seeds and ripe avocado finished with red wine vinaigrette. Utterly wholesome and delicious.

- Chickpea panisse fries offer a lighter, yet still crispy and addicting version of French fries by swapping starchy beans for potatoes.

- Desserts like chocolate lava cake with vanilla gelato showcase top notch skill.

restaurant cum Quibus - Ristorante Toscano

San Gimignano: Cum Quibus

Tucked discreetly down a side alley in popular San Gimignano lies this intimate restaurant crafting Tuscan dishes underscored by seasonal produce, wild herbs and provincial wines. Husband and wife co-owners Marco Campanini and Elisabetta Vargiu pass through the simple yet inviting dining room describing each day's dishes and glasses to pair them with directly to diners. While not exclusively vegetarian, Cum Quibus always dedicates at least 50% of the menu to inspired meatless plates utilizing peak ingredients from backyard gardens and regional foragers. This remains a consistent favorite for its serene ambiance, thoughtful service and showstopping flavors.

Standout Dishes:

- Beetroot stuffed gnocchi pairs the familiar potato pillows with a dramatic fuchsia beet-flecked interior, finished under a velvety Gorgonzola cream with candied walnuts for crunch.

- Ancient grain bowls brim with farro, barley, chickpeas, roasted veggies, nuts, seeds and ripe avocado finished with red wine vinaigrette. Utterly wholesome and delicious.

- Chickpea panisse fries offer a lighter, yet still crispy and addicting version of French fries by swapping starchy beans for potatoes.

- Desserts like chocolate lava cake with vanilla gelato showcase top notch skill.

Address: Vicolo delle Vergini, 4 San Gimignano

Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 12:30–3pm, 7:30–10pm; closed Mondays

Price range: €35-55 ($38-60 USD) 5-course tasting menu

Tuscan Farmhouse & Agriturismo Dining

Beyond the small hilltop and wine villages awaits blissful countryside dotted with sprawling farm estates and agriturismo properties harvesting olives, grapes and seasonal produce. Many allow guests to stay overnight while also operating farm-to-table restaurants specializing in vegetarian Tuscan dishes utilizing ingredients sourced directly on site. Here are some top picks for rustic, wholesome Tuscan fare served straight from the source.

Fattoria Lavacchio (near Montevarchi)

Sleep among the olive groves before heading to breakfast at the onsite restaurant hailing hearty meatless Tuscan specialties. Be sure to join one of the afternoon cooking classes held in their professional kitchens too if you crave taking the flavors back home.

Standout Dishes:

- Wood-fired eggplant and zucchini involtini served with roasted bell peppers

- Chickpea and farro soup

- Pears and pecorino cheese drizzled in chestnut honey

Fattoria di Rignana (Rignana)

Mountainside views and luxury villas provide the accommodation while the renowned on-property Georgio restaurant plates professional executed Tuscan cuisine with vegetarian options at every meal. Sign up for the wine tasting and property tours too during your countryside escape.

Standout Dishes:

-Spinach and ricotta Malfatti with sage and butter

- Chickpea panzanella

- Zuppa inglese

LaLocanda del Loggiato (Bagno Vignon)

Terracotta floors, wood beam ceilings and cozy fireplaces fill the rooms of this charming country estate and cooking school owned by Chef Pietro Leemann himself. Join one of his small batch cooking courses focused specially on mastering Tuscan vegetarian fare during your stay.

Standout Dishes:

- Vegetable caponata served with burrata cheese

- Green pea and saffron risotto

- Hazelnut chocolate tartufo

Tips for Stocking Tuscan Vacation Rentals & DIY Vegetarian Dining

From countryside villas to city center apartments, Florence offers no shortage stunning and well equipped vacation rental options, most complete with full kitchen and dining facilities. Utilize all that space to craft your own meatless Tuscan feasts! Here are our tips for stocking up on ingredients during your visit.

Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio produce

Shop Local Markets

Begin by tasting your way through Florence's bustling farmer's markets bursting with seasonal produce like zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes and so much more. The centrally located Mercato Centrale features a mind blowing array while Sant'Ambrogio Market near Santa Croce embodies a true local neighborhood vibe. Allow inspiration to flow while filling your reusable tote bags with vegetables galore.

Stock Up On Tuscan Staples

Next, dip into small specialty stores for artisanal olive oils, balsamic vinegars, pastas, canned tomatoes and beans, Italian liqueurs to fuel desserts and more to round out your homemade feasts. Olio and Convivium in Florence's Santo Spirito neighborhood offer incredible quality.

Get Cooking!

Fire up those rental kitchens in the airbnb or villas to prepare quintessentially Tuscan vegetarian pasta plates like cacio e pepe or puttanesca, vibrant seasonal salads drizzled in lemon and olive oil or white bean panzanella filled with bread and fresh veggies. With access to such incredible Tuscan ingredients, nothing stops herbivores from crafting memorable meals themselves when in Florence.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes

Can't fathom tackling an entire Tuscan meal solo? Consider booking a dedicated vegetarian or vegan cooking class instead to gain confidence in regional techniques and recipes to recreate long after your trip ends too. These hands-on courses allow participants to actively prepare specialties like homemade pici pasta, fagioli e ceci bean stews, tiramisu and more with helpful guidance from professional chef instructors. Classes include generous tastings followed by emailed recipes and certificates marking the special experience. Reputable culinary schools around Florence offering stellar vegetarian/vegan cooking lessons include:

Scuola di Cucina Lorenzo de' Medici-Firenze cooking school

Scuola di Cucina Lorenzo de' Medici-Firenze Specialized vegetarian classes

Florence Culinary Arts School ( - A full service Culinary school.

Farm in Tuscany

Best Times of Year for Vegetarian Dining

One cannot deny how immense seasonality impacts Tuscan cuisine given the proximity most kitchens maintain with small, local farms and food artisans. Visiting during peak harvest and ripening times promises next level quality and inspiration behind both restaurant and home cooked vegetarian plates. Here's a quick guide to the best produce each season:

Spring (March - May) - Artichokes, English peas, fava beans, baby carrots, spring onions, lettuces, tender greens like spinach and chard, early cherries and apricots

Summer (June - August) - Eggplants, zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, green beans, corn, tomatoes of all shapes and sizes, melons, stone fruits like peaches

Fall (September - November) - Hearty greens, onions, wild mushrooms, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, root veggies like potatoes and celery root, pomegranates, figs, grapes

While winter produce depends more on greenhouse growing, hearty staples like cabbage, potatoes, squash and citrus fruits remain plentiful during the colder months too.

No matter what time of year you visit, Tuscany, Vegetarian Dining in Florence promises bountiful vegetarian and vegan dining options to satisfy herbivorous appetites. I hope this extensive guide to Florence and beyond’s incredible meatless restaurant and market options helps highlight just how much this region values seasonal plant-based cuisine through traditional recipes modernized to emphasize incredible produce, cheeses, grains and legumes. Mangia bene!

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